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BaikerLotts LP is an international law firm that offers its clients services in legal support of business in Ukraine and abroad. The company was founded by professionals with years of experience in leading international legal and consulting companies. We have managed to achieve, a combination of international professional standards with unique experience in modern conditions of doing business in Ukraine and Russia.

We specialize in providing services for the registration and administration of offshore and onshore companies, offshore investment funds, trusts, holding structures, the development and implementation of schemes for confidential ownership business and asset management, tax planning, protection of foreign investment in international arbitration, as well as on services to open accounts in foreign banks, registration of yachts and ships under the flags of the offshore jurisdictions, as well as helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft in Europe. To optimize the tax burden of our customers, we successfully use company of the popular low tax jurisdictions-offshore companies in Cyprus and the BVI, Panama offshore, onshore company UK, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Exceptional value specialists BaikerLotts LP is the trust of their clients. We strictly observe confidentiality and client’s interests, care about the comfort of multilevel transactions involving public officials and their relatives, using its expertise of providing private banking services of Swiss banks.

Practice of our company, its specialists seek to benefit for our customers. We work with a team in which everyone realizes its full potential for the benefit of common goal!


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