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USA now is not number one in worldwide economic - BaikerLotts
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USA now is not number one in worldwide economic


The USA isn’t more the largest economy in theworld, thus China becomes number one.
The volume of total national economic production in 2014 in China made 17,6 trillion dollars,thus in the USA she reached 17,4 trillion dollars, writes FoxNews with reference to the reportof the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
At the beginning 2000 th USA made almost three times more, than China. Now 16,5% of worldeconomy, in comparison with 16,3% for the USA are the share of China.

Also the edition notes that,  the shirt in Shanghai will cost much cheaper, than, forexample, in San Francisco. Thus on average the citizen of China earns much less, than the average American.
According to Financial Times, the economy of China can be considered as the largest in theworld now, but the country yet not the richest. GDP per capita is still less, than in the USA, alsomakes approximately a quarter of the American level.